Sunday, November 6, 2011

Warm Whispers

We headed back to Keller for a much needed weekend back home. It was too short as it always seems to be, but just enough to recharge and power through these next couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. It will be a nice to have a little break from school and just spend time with family. 

You convinced me! Decided to keep the shoes red and I'm so happy I did. I've already gotten a couple of compliments :)

Brandon and I were discussing on the way home how there's something almost spiritual about driving,  listening to good music, and that perfect time of day when the sun is just beginning to set. Awakens the soul, maybe. 

What did you do this weekend? I hope it was just fabulous. (:




Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

i love that song! missy higgins is great :)

I hung out around school....and missed my boy. boo :( I'm very much looking forward to Thanksgiving break!!

Glad you had a chance to go home & fun weekend!! :)

Catrina said...

I played in church for the first time! And yes, it was wonderful. Glad your weekend was so wonderful!

Anngela said...

I LOVE some good music on a long drive with the bf. :) It's so relaxing and fun.
PS--what color nail polish is that? ;)

Stellapiano said...

This weekend I spent my time cooking and playing music with my band.

You're completely right about the idea of driving with good music. My boyfriend and I recently went on a roadtrip and that was one of the best aspects of it. Thanks for posting that gorgeous song. :)


Katy said...


It's "Rave" by Orly (:

Julia P. Valentine said...

Your sunset pic is gorgeous! And I love how you showed us all that you kept the shoes red (for the moment!). We had sunshine all weekend which, even if it is a chillier than I'd like (which is anything under 70), makes me so happy. Everything else was gravy!

Maury said...

Hi! I found you from Mommy by Day. Your picture was too cute on there so I decided to see if your blog was a cute as you... and it IS!!! So excited to be a new follower! I'd love a follow back but no pressure.

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