Monday, August 1, 2011

Pajama Shorts and A New Way To Follow..

At one of my favorite thrift shops, I recently found this gold mine:

A huge selection of patterns, all for only 25 cents each.  The best part is that many of them are older patterns and have that vintage look that I love. 

This is one of the patterns I bought and used today. 

I whipped up these cute little pajama shorts in about an hour. 

I love the combination of the brightly colored printed fabric and the earthy linen drawstring. 

The cotton fabric is Alexander Henry in Masai Swirl. The drawstring is linen purchased at Hobby Lobby. 

I went out on a limb today and made a Facebook page and a Twitter account, both of which I'm still a little confused about how to use. Both are sitting lonely with next to no likes. Maybe you could make me feel cool and visit? That would probably make me feel a little less lame..

Both the Facebook page and Twitter are just another way of keeping up with posts. Not everyone has a google account but many of us have other social networking accounts. I'm working on making some nice little buttons for the sidebar. Maybe I'll get them up tonight..

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Dhilma said...

Hi there, I just started following you today. Thoght your cowl neck T was just great! I bought a t with a too wide neck just last week. Thought would do a cowl neck for that. Thanks so. Think your ideas are fab!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE these shorts! The fabric is so summery. :)

ellie said...

Nice! I found a bunch of vintage patterns a few months back. They were all dresses so I'm pretty jealous of the shorts/pants!

Grrenadine said...

Just a little comment to say I love your blog!
You're one of my favourite bloggers this week on "My Favourite Day Is Sunday".
Have a look at my blog:
See u,

Happy in red said...

LOVE the shorts and those patterns are devine!! Esther.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

so cute! love that fabric. what a great deal for the fabric too!! :)

Katie {Always, Katie} said...

These are super-duper cute! I am fairly new to sewing (okay, REALLY new), and I'm loving your blog. I was wondering... would you maybe consider doing a post on where you look for fabric? I know you try to be thrifty, so I thought you may know how to find good deals on good selections, and the fabrics you choose are AWESOME! I'm just hesitant to start making my own clothing if the cost of fabric makes it as expensive as the deals I get at Kohls on ready-to-wear things, you know? Thanks for being fabulous!

The Kastens said...

I'm always hoping to score some sweet deals and I never luck out. My mom was a big sewer when I was a kid and had a zillion patterns. She got rid of them about 7 years back and I wish she still had them.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric. It's amazing and perfect for pj's. Such a fun fabric!

Janelle said...

I am a FB friend now - love your stuff!

suzie wuzie said...

I love the fabric you used! Very summery. Lucky you! I love vintage patterns.

Kelly said...

I am in love with that fabric!
PS Where is this favorite thrift store of yours? I'm an Aggie grad and therefore inclined to visit CS, but I mostly bounce back and forth these days between Houston and Austin with an occasional skip to Dallas!

Chocolatearte said...

can you scan the pattern please? I want to sew the same. I love shorts in summer!!

Amelia Airheart said...

can you PLEASE send me the pattern the shorts are beautiful!!!!


Stacey Springham said...

I love these, I'm new to sewing an would love to have this pattern sent to me if you can.

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