Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pesto Cavatappi: a recipe

This is one of those quick meals that you can cook in a pinch. It's easy but it still has the homemade feel. And it's delicious! If you've never gotten the Pesto Cavatappi pasta at Corner Bakery before, I would wholly encourage you to give it a try. Or try making your own and enjoy it almost as much. This is a semi-homemade version that I came up with, that requires only 4 ingredients! Yeah, you could get fancy and make your own alfredo/pesto sauce, but who has time for that? Make your life easier and stick to the store bought sauces for this recipe. 

I couldn't find cavatappi at the store so I had to settle for farfalle. Really any pasta will work. The bowties made a great substitute.


16 oz. Pasta
(Any kind will work!)

16 oz. Ragu Alfredo Sauce
(You could try other brands but I think that Ragu has the best consistency and flavor for this recipe)

 7 oz. Pesto

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

  1. Cook pasta per package directions
  2. Grill Chicken and slice to bite-sized pieces
  3. Heat the pesto and alfredo together in a saucepan
  4. Combine all and Serve!

Another treat I'm hoping to make soon. I love, love, love fruit snacks. Especially natural, organic ones. I'm not usually a natural food junkie but they just taste better than the artificial ones. 

Find the recipe here at Our Best Bites.



Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

LOOKS DELICIOUS! I gotta make me some of that!


Crafty Texan said...

Yum!! Love the fruit roll up tip...heading over to che ck that out. Oh!...and I have the same plates as you, only in square shape. :)

Unknown said...

Mmmm, looks delicious! I hope it tastes good with salmon (bet it does!) my hubs doesn't eat chicken but it sound too good not to try out :)

K_stets said...

i'm usually not a big fan of pesto. but this looks AMAZING.

Everyone keeps blogging about food, and i want to try and make everything. This is soooo not good. lol

Li-Sha said...

my husband loves pesto cavatappi... loves it. and i want to try to make the fruit roll ups, they look so good!

ChelsCheesecake said...

Okay, I HAVE to try this! Looks SOOOO good!

Unknown said...

Definitely on my must-try list! Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this recipe! It turned out that I was at the supermarket after I'd seen it, trying to decide what to have for dinner and this came to mind. It's such an easy, tasty meal. :)

Anonymous said...

This recipe looks delicious & totally easy! I'm a new reader but I'm hooked on your blog :)

Rochelle said...

Howdy! I found your blog on Pinterest and I must say that this recipe looks yummy! I need to try it soon. I am also an Aggie ;)WHOOP

Traci Rose - yellowWISHBONE said...

This looks so good! Have you ever tried making pesto from scratch in a food processor or blender?

Katie said...

I've never been a pesto fan, but I love pasta. When I saw this dish last month I pinned it because I thought my boyfriend would like it and I knew I'd have to try it, especially since it was so easy. I made it tonight. This has made me actually like pesto. Thanks for posting the recipe!

Jaz said...

Just thought you should know, this is a staple in my house now. My mom is terrible at cooking, so she's so proud to see my sister & I serving ourselves seconds when she cooks this. Thanks!


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