Saturday, August 18, 2012

Glitter Bow Tie Flats: a tutorial

I saw these shoes (below) on Pinterest over a year ago. Like so many other Pinterest finds I had trouble finding the original source of the shoes. I never "pinned" them, but for some reason the idea kept coming back to me. I loved the simple idea to dress up some flats with a little bow tie. Then I saw this post from Ashely at Lil Blue Boo where she turns her daughter's plain TOMS into pink glitter shoes, and the idea came full circle. I love the glamour of the champagne gold glitter and it's just an added bonus that goes with almost everything. 

With school fast approaching, I've really made an effort to purchase some more teacher-appropriate clothes (I'll be in an elementary school two days a week). I love the skinny pants + ballet flats look. I can really see pairing these flats with any of the number of skinny pants I've purchased lately. 


 Fine Glitter
Mod Podge

Paint Brush
Scrap Fabric (mine is polyester lining)

This would be a great project to upcycle some old worn shoes, but I bought these at Ross on sale for $15.

Because my flats were made of a shiny, slick leather-like material, I was afraid my paint would peel right off. I decided to sand the shoes down with some 60 grit sandpaper to give the paint a little more grip. 


Per Ashley's instructions I  mixed about 3 parts glue to 1 part glitter (I skipped the water that she used in her mixture).

It's important to use a fine glitter to get the best look. I love Martha Stewart glitter for this reason. 

Paint the shoes all over, and let dry. Paint one to two more coats and let dry.

While you're waiting for your shoes to dry, you can start working on the bows!  Cut your material as shown, 4 of each rectangle. 

Pair the rectangles and pin.

And sew with a 1/4" inseam.

For the two fatter rectangles sew as shown below. Be sure to leave a small gap to turn out the shape.

Sew the skinnier rectangles as shown:

Clip out the corners.

Turn inside out and press on a low setting.

Hand or machine sew the gap closed with a matching thread.

Line up a small and a big rectangle.

Sew in place.

Fold the tie in half (long ways) and wrap around the fabric.

Hand or machine sew the tie in place.

A strong glue like E-6000 is best for attaching the bow, but hot glue would work in a pinch. 

And done!

Quite the transformation I'd say. 

I love them! What do you think? So many possibilities here with different colored glitter and printed fabric. Maybe even channel Dorothy and go with a red glitter. Could be cute (:



Unknown said...

Love your transformation! :-)

Jessica @ Sunny Stitching said...

My little girl says: "I want a pair of those shoes. Can you make some for me?" Of course, I'll make her some. :-)

Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. said...

LOVE these! I can't wait to go raid my closet so I can make a pair for myself!

TatteredSpinner said...

Saw these and went "Oooooooh." The bow tutorial was especially helpful; I tried to make one without directions, but couldn't quite figure it out for myself, so thanks!

Vanessa said...

Those shoes are too cute, I definitely need to find a pair to try this with!

Tori said...

So cute! You're the crafter that I long to be :)


Megan @ From Megan, With Love said...

So cute! I'm totally going to try this tutorial!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I love that the bows would be great to use for other projects as well - like hair pin or brooches! but I have to admit they look incredibly cute on the flats!

Lana said...

Great post, need to try this! The flats look adorable

Tiffany said...

Cannot WAIT to try excited!

Megan said...

I pinned those shoes on pinterest a while ago but couldn't find the source. I'm going to do this ASAP!!!! ahhhhhhh I am so excited about this!!

Thanks for all your wonderfully easy tutorials, Katy! :)

Rebecca Grace said...

Adorable! Here's another idea instead of bows: Have you seen Kanzashi fabric flowers? It's based on Japanese geisha hair ornaments, kind of like origami for fabric instead of paper, and I got a book about how to make the flowers even though I didn't know what to use them for:
Actually, instead of hot-gluing the bows on the shoes, if you made them clip-on you could change them out and have different bows or flowers for different outfits. Super cute!

Erica said...

OMG!!! Love it so bad!!! So cute, I want mine ;)

Niki said...

Those are adorable! I want to make some. Maybe I'll look for some old flats the next time I'm at the thrift store. :)


Barbara said...

Definitely an improvement! These are very cute.

Unknown said...

I have tried the mod podge ultra fine glitter before, but half way through my day it was peeling off. What am I doing wrong? Have you worn yours yet.

Vanessa said...

REALLY cute! I'm totally inspired! Thanks for keeping me in style (being a mom makes you scared to "lose" it)... lol!

Lady Mockingbird said...

Turned out so cute!


Calikisses said...

Very cute! Thank you so much for posting this. I have a pair of cute black flats that my dog chewed the bow part off of one and there are also teeth marks in a couple spots, so I have been trying to find a way to refashion them into something wearable again. They were practically new so you can imagine how upset I was, luckily they were pretty inexpensive.

The paint would be a perfect way to cover up the teeth mark damage and the bow is a great replacement for where mine used to be. You make it so perfectly easy, I can't wait to give this a try! Thanks again!!!

Unknown said...

Cute flats!! I graduated class of 09 and am working on getting my first teaching job in the Houston area- these flats are perfect for school!! Good luck with classes starting!

FTACO 2009

The Ginge said...

Wow, these are awesome and super cute! Totally scouring my closet to see which flats I can DIY like this!

Beth said...

Those are so cute! The glitter paint is fabulous!! I recently made some fabric bows too. So fun and easy!

Unknown said...

Soooo pretty!! I love them!

brynn said...

These are amazing! So cool!

Anonymous said...

I'm heading to Hobby Lobby today to get myself some glitter! :-P

I have an old pair of leopard print flats {that match NOTHING in my wardrobe; what was I thinking when I bought them??? LOL}

Thank you for posting this tutorial and all your other wonderful posts. I look forward to making this one of my weekend projects. I hope mine turn out as great as yours!

Classy Peach said...

I adore these! You are so imaginative and creative! :)


Unknown said...

Love Love Love every one of your tutorials!! Im new to blog land but totally enjoying it!

Check out my new blog if you like :)

Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! They don't even look like the same pair of shoes!

Unknown said...'ve a great talent!!! love this ideas...I try to do the same!!
I invite you to follow my blog on, I hope that you like it!
You're always welcome into my blog!
Love, Marika

Unknown said...

You have a beautiful blog and your DIYs are amazing, just discovered your blog, but like a drug, I'm hooked.Keep up the great work.
Your newest follower,

Anonymous said...

Hey - I love your blog and your tutes are awesome. I have nominated you for an award. here's the link:
Hannah xXx

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

love the way these came out!!! That transformation is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job! So girly and pretty :)

Srta Pomelo said...

Hi Katy, my name is Elisa and I'm from Spain. Sorry my english but I wonder how do you put the circle over the photo? Photoshop?
Thank you (:

Med School Mom said...

I love them! These kinds of tutorials are dangerous for me though. I love glitter and always go overboard, making everything sparkly. Eventually the cat ends up covered in glitter too.

Unknown said...

I love this! They came out great! I'm quite impressed by how expensive they look. I thought they might look a bit crafty, but they came out looking wonderful. I might have to try this:) Great job! btw: if you get the chance pass by my blog and follow along, if you'd like of course:) Fellow sewer here!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these! Such a good idea and tutorial, I look forward to trying! x

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles.

Unknown said...

Hi there wow i am loving these shoes, they are gorgeous and i am makeing a pink and tourquise pair tonight , thanks for sharing your creativity with me , i truly appreciate it and love your blog , your a Gem :)
kindest regards
georgia from ohio

Anonymous said...

Such cute shoes! I love glitter flats. I plan on making some, but who knows when that will happen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I'll skip the glitter part to make plain bow ballet flats like the ones Alice Cullen wears in the twilight movie you see them when she comes into the house from outside her bow might be smaller so I'll have to watch the movie again and them make the right size bow but first I'll have to find a pair of silver ballet flats!

Unknown said...

I am not crafty at all but all of a sudden I want some glitter flats.
They came out awesome! I love it! And good call on the mimosa. I love excuses to drink.

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