Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paint ALL the things!

Sometimes I'll have an idea and it will just take off in my brain. This particular idea came to me while shopping at Michael's the other day. And of course once it was in my head, there was no turning back. I happen to lack all self control when shopping for craft supplies. I like to think I'm saving money because I could buy something comparable for a much higher price, but often the reality is that I spend money that I never needed to spend in the first place. This logic plays in my mind in all of the following (but not limited to) stores: Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joann. I can spend money on fabric and paint like nobody's business. Now that I've got a classroom to decorate, I have seemingly no restraint. 

It started with this section at Michael's. I needed a little plastic moose for a little boy's preschool graduation celebration, and while searching I had the idea to give some of these guys a little makeover. I am loving gold these days and recently heard about Krylon's gold metallic spray.  If there is one thing I have learned from following craft blogs, it's that spray paint has the power to transform anything and everything. It's quite seriously a crafter's best friend. I thought some of these animal friends might look  nice in coat of gold, of course figuring I can find a place for them somewhere in my classroom. 

Then I started picking up anything and everything I saw that I thought might look nice in gold. Picture frames, tins, an urn, a lamp, you name it. Before I knew it I had a cart that looked like this: 

And I left the store scratching my head about how I just dropped $50 on supplies I didn't even need. Grr.

Anyways, I made it home with this pack of unlikely friends. 

And quite honestly, a whole bunch of other random stuff.

Armed with 1 can of Krylon gold metallic paint, I had quite the day painting. 

Everything got a coat of white paint first.

Followed by a couple of gold coats.

A few hours later these were my results. What I love about this paint is that it really does leave a metallic look to your subject. These figurines really do look like they are made of metal.

My little clearance urn went from a shiny green, to a cool gold. 

These cheapy $1 plastic frames made a total transformation.

The best part was finding places for my new little treasures. My apartment was in need of a little touch of gold. 

Moral of the story is don't go overboard on an idea. But really who am I kidding? I'm a craftaholic by nature. Good thing I've got that job thing now. I could use some money coming in for a change (;



Anonymous said...

Oooh love it, what a great idea :) looks wild

El clavel said...

Great idea!

SC said...

What a lovely idea!
When I saw your furniture it reminds me a thing that a friend did with animals dolls:

(for the next time)



Susan at said...

Very nice! I heart metallic things so these are right in my wheelhouse.

(I so miss hyperbole and a half, I hope she is well soon)

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

paint everything!!!!!!! haha that made me laugh :)

Bonnie said...

Just thought of this while reading your post. When you are preparing your classroom, cover your bulletin boards with fabric. It doesn't tear up and get holes. I had one board that had the same fabric for two years! Still looked good.

Katie said...

I get a little spray paint happy sometimes, too! Love what you did!

Sisterino said...

I just read in a blog about glossy automotive touch-up paint that you can buy in a spray can...!!!!!! It gives that smooth, glossy finish like on a car. But in a can! You can buy! My mind was blown. I am headed to my nearest auto supply store as soon as work is over.

Rebecca Grace said...

Paint it ALL gold? Watch out, girl; remember what happened to King Midas! ;-)

Seriously, those little plastic animal toys look FABULOUS! I hope you know that there are at least a hundred of your blog readers scattered across the country right now, inhaling paint fumes and getting spray paint all over their garages!

jreb said...

saw this and thought you may like it

Robin said...

I just found you today through Pinterest! I love DIY, sewing, painting, upcycling....YOU are great! I am now a follower and can't wait to try out some of your creative ideas!!!!

Gina's Craft Corner said...

Love it! I've been touring your site and am really enjoying everything! I stumbled upon your blog, thankfully! I'm following on twitter. :)
Gina @ Gina's Craft Corner

Unknown said...

I found you through your guest post on Ucreate and HAD to stop by to say HI! I am from Hurst and also went to TAMU! Sometimes the blogging world is so small! I love your projects and am so glad I found your blog. Following on social media!

Maria said...

I have to ask where you got the green dimpled glass vase. I live in north texas, had the exact same vase, and sent it to the thrift store in a clear out a few months back. I would love love love it if it ended up with you! Can I ask if you remember the shop you bought it in?

Unknown said...

Hi Katy!
I love how you decorate, its eclectic and feminine at the same time. It's so pretty! And it had really helped encourage me to open my eyes to things I usually wouldn't!

Nicole said...

My darling fellow Aggie, you are brilliant!

Streuterklamotte said...

Looks great!!!!

Unknown said...

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Cracked Mac Apps said...

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