Sunday, December 11, 2011

Journaling: Gadanke Journal Review and Discount

A few weeks ago, Katie from Gadanke Journals sent me this awesome journal from her site. It's a sort of guided journal that allows you to "celebrate your story". I'm really not gifted with talents in creative writing and have never been the diary-keeping type, but the "She" journal makes it easy by guiding you with suggested prompts. 

The way you write it is really all up to you. You can be silly or serious. It's about expressing yourself in writing, and drawings if you like. 

They're all kinds of neat pages in the journal, like this pretty doily and envelope to store little treasures. 

I love that you can even add your own pages. I included a post card that is special to me.

Wouldn't this be a great gift for a teenaged girl? 

There are lots of of other journals available in the shop as well. Like this prayer journal..
 Or the "Something Serious with Something Silly" journal that's well suited for kids.
 I also love the idea of keeping a record of your trip with this travel journal..

Soo here's the best part. Katie is giving all sweet verbena readers a 10% off discount off your purchase from now until December 16th!

Just enter the code: VERBENA10 at checkout. 

So be sure to check out her site!




Kirsten said...

Do we have to wait to use the discount, until Monday? Just tried to use and said it was invalid.

Katie @ said...

sorry Kirsten - it is live!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! I found my way here from Pintrest yesterday. . .as soon as I saw the proud Aggie, I knew I had to follow! Such cute ideas!

Bridget (Class of '06, Whoop!)

Andrea said...

That is adorable! Going to check it out now! = )

Andrea said...

And I just bought one! Can't wait to get it!! = )

tarabelle said...

this is so cute! I just ordered one and the code worked for me. Thanks :) Love your blog, by the way. You've inspired me to try sewing. xo

Vanessamae said...

I just found your blog through pinterest yesterday and since then i have mad a tshirt and bought a new journal. So I have to say its an amazing blog!

Chris said...

Very cool! I like the Baby journal, I think I will set this aside for when my sister is pregnant and this will be a gift! She loves to scrapbook, so journaling should come easily to her in some ways anyway!

Very awesome journals :)

Jazmine said...

Skydiving is great! I went earlier this year with my boyfriend- twice!

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