Friday, October 12, 2012

Jack-o-lantern Top: a tutorial

For the past few weeks I've been student teaching two days a week in a kindergarten classroom. I never thought kindergarten would be for me, but I am LOVING it. I'm starting to remember why I picked the teaching field to begin with. My classes have a way of beating me down with all the projects, papers, quizzes, etc. that seem to be...well, useless. Being in the field has reignited that passion I felt when I first started college. My mentor teacher has been amazing at helping me to really learn about everything that goes into her teaching, all of that "behind-the-scenes" teacher stuff. It's really starting to all connect for me. You may remember this post, where I questioned my direction in career. I can't say I won't change my mind at some point in time but, I'd say for the time being I'm perfectly content on the teacher track. I mean what's more rewarding than a career where you get to help children learn each and every day? 

Anyways, all of that was a round about way of saying I'll be at the school on Halloween and want a fun shirt to wear. My first thought was to find an orange t-shirt and sew black the black felt on. But then I found this cute orangey red tunic from Old Navy and decided I could make it work without permanently dedicating it to Halloween. Hobby Lobby sells this great peel and stick felt that's perfect for a project like this. It gives the same effect that sewn-on felt would, without ruining the shirt. It's really more of a one day wear though. At the end of the day you can just peel the felt right off!

Materials are easy and simple: Shirt. Peel and Stick Felt (comes in lots of colors!). Scissors. Pen. 

The back of the felt is paper lined. Perfect for sketching out your design before cutting. 

One sheet is enough for two jack-o-lantern faces. I didn't like my first smile, so I made another. 

I'd suggest trying on your shirt to get an idea of where you'd like the placement and how do space it before sticking it on. 

And there it is! This picture almost looks photoshopped doesn't it? I promise it's really there. 

Of course I can't promise you the same results because of differences in fabric, but I tested it on the inside of the shirt and found that, even after hours in place, the felt comes off cleanly. I would definitely recommend performing a similar test before risking marring your shirt. 

No sticky residue!

And now I'm all set for our Fall Festival! Good times in kindergarten (; 




  1. So good work.. :))
    I like it so much..:))

  2. I was student teaching last spring and it really all came together for me as well. I've fallen in love with every grade I've taught and this past fall I landed my first teaching job in a middle school. I wanted to try it and it's been my favorite yet. Good luck with your classes and enjoy those kiddos. It will break your heart when it's time to leave.

  3. Great Idea. I teach HS FCS (Home Ec). Some days are tough, but other days I can't believe it's my job. You'd be a great teacher, because it definitely takes a lot of creativity!!

    Love the darker hair btw!


  4. Adorable! I teach Kindergarten, so using peel and stick felt for various holiday apparel (Halloween, Valentine's, 100th day of school, etc) is a great idea! Thanks!

  5. aw so cute! And i love that you can still use the shirt! :)

  6. This is more than perfect! I love festive holiday clothing...but don't want it in my closet. This is perfect for every holiday!


  7. This is such a great idea..adorable!

    Amanda Rose

  8. This is so great! Love the look of the flowy blouse!

  9. I too am a teacher and I still say after all these years only my practice teaching sessions were worth the time spent at teacher' college. My nephew just began teaching kindergarten in Alaska. He too is loving it. Best profession on the planet !!!!!!

  10. Nice & easy costume! I really want to do this for my son's nursery school Halloween carnival, but I look horrible in orange! I know the kids won't care ;) Thanks!

  11. So glad you're loving your internship! I hated my teaching classes and loved being in the classroom. I wanted to teach 4th grade, but when that fell through the school asked me if I'd want to teach kg--I cringed and said yes...and I LOVED it! I spent 3 years there before going on "extended maternity leave." I've been out since my son was born (he's in 1st grade now!!) I say live life and enjoy it because the only constant is change--who knows what your future holds, but as long as you are loving teaching, stick with it. Those precious kiddos make the bad days better. :)

  12. I am a teacher and I love this craft idea! I get really into Halloween, and it will be nice to know that when I get decked out this year, the shirt will be reusable. Thanks for all of your crafty posts!

    Another Day in the Silver Mines

  13. Adorable, nice work!


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