Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's here and I'm loving it. This past weekend my family and I celebrated Memorial Day weekend at my Grandpa's lake house. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to spend some time on the lake. I've made a resolution (I guess a mid-year resolution) take more pictures of daily life. Here's a start. 

My sister Tammy and Lou on the dock. She just got engaged, check out her gorgeous ring below. Guess who's maid of honor?! 

We all took turns on the wave runner, even Louie took a ride with my dad! Don't worry, it was only for about 30 seconds around the dock before we had to get him off.  He was crying, I guess water sports aren't for him. 

Again, my dad in the picture below. Not bad for almost 50 right? Or is it 30 Daddy? (;

How was your Memorial Day? 



Lisa said...

Such a cute dog! Mine is practically identical with a little bit longer of hair! Jet skiing is amazing

Dawn said...

Looks like great fun!!!! Wave runners are so fun :) BTW, I created my own blog and it was partly due to a comment I read on yours about your concerns and if you should keep blogging. It was then that I decided I was blogging for me, and if others are entertained or learn something, then all the better! Mine is sort of misc. things. Right now it's been a lot of new recipes. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration! If you want to check mine out it's at

Dawn :)

Lydia Geisendorfer said...

This looks amazing! I was wishing for water over our long weekend. Even a kiddie pool! Ha ha Louie is adorable, I love when you can see such cute little personalities in our dogs! Love your blog chica!


Bene said...

Lake house? Jealous! Is it hard to control a jet ski? That is a jet ski right...? :] Looks like you had an amazing weekend. :]

CouldBeKim said...

The pup is adorable :o)


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