Sunday, December 6, 2015

Our First Thanksgiving

We've spent a lot of time looking forward to this time of year. When we first started the process of building a home a little over a year ago, we dreamed of what the holidays would be like. It's crazy how fast time flies, and I can't believe that time is now! We kicked off the holiday season by hosting Thanksgiving in our home for the first time. 

With 21 hungry guests, we had our hands full getting the house ready for such a crowd. Of course, I had the most fun decorating. 

I got the cute "Give Thanks" banner on Etsy.  It was the perfect finishing touch to the mantel. 

We opted for paper plates to make the clean-up easier. I was SO glad for this when it was time to do the dishes. I found these cute pumpkin plates at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. 

These apothecary jars ended up being my favorite part of all our fall decor. They were all purchased at Hobby Lobby and filed with split peas, corn, and black beans. It was such a fun, simple centerpiece that I can use again and again. I'll be filling them up with red ornaments for a fun Christmas pop of color. 

We were so fortunate to receive this large, beautiful table from Brandon's grandfather as a wedding gift. With both leaves (leafs?) in and some folding chairs borrowed from my sister, the table comfortably sat 10 people. 

We counted the day a success with a TON of food, drinks, and laughter. I even took some video, so that we could always remember the day. 

Brandon, with the help of a friendly neighbor and his dad, was able to get the house lit up for Christmas. We decided on a white and red alternating pattern, and we just love how it turned out. 

Of course, now we can't wait for Christmas! What kind of traditions do you have in your home? We're anxious to start some of our own as we celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Wishing you Christmas blessings from our family to yours!


Patricia said...

You have such a beautiful home! Love the banner!

Hannah Burrow said...

Oh my goodness does your new home look just so cozy and welcoming! I can not wait till my husband and myself are able to decorate more then just our little apartment.

sarahbeth said...

Oh my, I haven't read your blog in a while and stumbled back on it- so happy to see how many wonderful life changes you've had! Beautiful home and beautiful family, congratulations!

ps- I'm in love with your ottoman, would you mind sharing where it's from?

Helen Keyes said...

Warm decorations! But it's better that you install more lights outside the house.

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