Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas House Tour

Decorating our home for the holidays has been one of my favorite things of 2015. I really did try to be frugal and not spend every last penny on decor, but there's something about Target that sucks me in like no other store. I managed to not spend every last penny on Christmas items and made it home with just a few pops of red to brighten our home for December. 

Here are a few pictures of around the house. I'm already missing all the joyous red and green, but now that it's a new year, I have some fun new plans to bring color into our home. 

Of course, Lou's stocking is hung front and center. He even managed to get quite a few Christmas gifts this year. He must have been a pretty good dog. 

I've loved changing out the filler in these apothecary jars for every season. It's such a fun way to bring in a little extra color into the kitchen. 

What fun it's been celebrating our first Christmas together in the house! We're excited for many more to come. 


JP & Eleanor Hernandez said...

I love the ribbon display for your Christmas cards! My fiance and I are already brainstorming ideas for what our future home will look like. Definitely stealing that idea :)

Home Utility said...

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